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Was There a Full Moon Last Night?

“Buy why do you and Neala get to sleep on the couch?” Eurgh. Trying ever so hard not lose the rag, while wondering if there was a full moon last night. I politely explain to our middle man how his baby sister is ill and the sitting room has no carpet should another of her involuntary refluxes occur. Through gritted teeth I explain that he is very lucky that he can go back to mammy and daddy’s big huge, spacious, empty bed while I kick myself that I didn’t catch more sleep before the craziness struck the house. Somewhere pretty early on in the night I end up in the middle of our bed between our two boys with knees, knuckles and elbows all precisely pointed and pressed into me, then a little call out from the kids room and our little girl would like to join us too. A quick discussion with my husband to confirm the logistics of this operation, and we decide he should bale to the bottom bunk in the kids room, and deliver her ladyship in beside the rest. I settle bac

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